Pr1me staffing is committed to operating in a manner that protects the health and safety of employees and minimizes incidents, while performing quality work for customers in compliance  with applicable laws and regulations governing occupational health and safety.

Pr1me staffing employs a full time safety representative who is responsible for satisfying customers with safety conscious employees. Pr1me Staffing’s safety representative has the following qualifications:  10 years’ experience in Safety, 7 years’ experience in Safety Management, RSO (Radiation Safety Officer), Safety Instructor, Medic First Aid Instructor, 25 years Volunteer Fire Department, and 20 years Paramedic.  Safety is part of the initial client relationship in having the safety representative meet with clients, tour client facilities, and discuss details with client safety staff to better understand the client’s specific needs in operations.  This allows Pr1me Staffing to better prepare the employees to enter into a specific work environment and safely perform the required job task.

Prior to placement, Pr1me Staffing performs required pre hire screening, as requested by clients, that includes, but is not limited to:





DOT and Non DOT

Routine fit for duty

Pulmonary Function Testing

Respiratory Fit Testing

Pr1me Staffing also offers a variety of training for employees entering the workforce, performed in house or through a certified 3rd party training facility:

40 HR Hazmat

Annual Hazmat refreshers

Confined Space

Medic First Aid

API RP 2D Rigger training

RSO on staff for NORM Training

Lead Awareness

Fall Protection

OSHA 10 Hr